Friday, July 22, 2011

C++ books

There are many C++ related books in bookstores but it is not so easy to find a book for mid-senior C++ programmers. Usual C++ books are for the beginners and with the title like "Complete C++ in 45 days". I am interviewing many candidates for C++ development engineer positions at my company who, of course, mentioned C++ on their resumes. But most of them are not really good at C++ programming and cannot explain how virtual destructor works, why we should worry about "self assignment", differences of const keywords by their positions.
I introduce some good C++ books here and I have no relationship with these authors. (But I'm translating some parts of C++ FAQ web version into Korean)

Effective C++, More Effective C++, and Effective STL
Effective Series are very famous books for who are want to know more about C++ and how to use it more effectively. I use to read these effective books these days even though I used C++ more than 10 years now.

C++ FAQs

Even though Effective C++ series are very good books but these books are not covering entire thins. You can find more about C++ that you are usually curious while using C++ such as pointers to member functions, why it is not safe to delete the same pointer twice, and etc.
There are two versions of C++ FAQs. One is named C++ FAQs lite and you can read it via web site at for free. and the other is book version of C++ FAQ. You can find out the differences between these two version at

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